The Show Report, 8/13: Off by one day…


We narrowly avoided that most dreaded of regularly occurring bad omens: Friday the 13th. Today is Thursday, the 13th of August, putting the curse off course and allowing us to enjoy a broad spectrum of shows free of worry.

We don’t pay attention to that s*** anyway, DeRosh.

Oh, well, neither do I. Who cares if it’s a full moon out? That stuff is for dorks with nothing better to do anyway. (Hides dreamcatcher.) It’s kind of like reading your horoscope, know what I mean? It’s all fake, made-up mumbo-jumbo to get people to spend money and live in fear. (Removes pins from voodoo doll.) What matters tonight is the music anyway, and if you’re looking for some you’re in luck. Peep the lineup after the break.

* The Detectives at The Outland

* Hemlock, Violent End and Break the Barrier at The Outland Ballroom

* The Short Histories of Powerful Nations, Native and The First Teenager Ever at Lindberg’s

* The DJs of LemonDrop Records with guest Mr. Brown at The High Life Live Martini Lounge

* Say When and Jam Room at Tonic Ultralounge

* Jackson Hunt, Joe Dillstrom and Modern Epic at Nathan P. Murphy’s

* Kristi Meredith at Springfield Brewing Company

* Gas Pump Talent at Ebbets Field

* Art Bentley at Roadhouse Saloon

* Trash Angels at The Daily Pub

* The Melissa Henderson Revue at Dennis’ Place

* The Stoneyarders at Patton Alley Pub


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One Response to “The Show Report, 8/13: Off by one day…”

  1. the archimedian pOiNt Says:

    AW SNAP! we are actually playing at the high life tonight…..
    not sure about the mr. brown…

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