Odds & Sods **UPDATED**

We're not altogether sure about the theme here, but we're pretty sure that's the scariest John Entwistle (far left) looked, well, ever.

We're not altogether sure about the theme here, but we're pretty sure that's the scariest John Entwistle (far left) looked, well, ever.

Needless to say, it’s been a busy couple of weeks at FourFour HQ–whatever that is–so a few news items have inevitably slipped through our grasp as we’ve attended meetings and taken care of pressing matters, both on the website and off. However, we don’t want you to be out of the loop, dear reader, and some items are coming up on the horizon pretty quickly, so we want to take a moment to get you caught up. Following after the break is a rapid-fire collection of happenings in the music scene we want you to know about but haven’t had time to tell you about until now. Slam that coffee and get ready to roll!

* Poor Man’s Vision recently announced it is reuniting its original lineup–Jeff Johnson, Jason Spell, Scott “Stuffy” Stufflebaum and Rusty “Poncho” Wallace–and has tentatively scheduled a show for December. No word on date or location yet, but we await info soon… hopefully. (Read: We hope it’s not another false start.)

* The Radiance Effect announced its CD release show for its latest album, Separate & Change. The show will be at Ridgecrest Baptist Church, by which we think the band means Remington’s Southside, on August 22.

* More CD release news: Sunrise Cassette announced its album, Deal With Itwhich we reviewed so long ago the band had a different name–will finally see the light of day with a release show August 20 at Nathan P. Murphy’s. The album was recorded in one day back in March and has endured a five-month wait to reach the public. Damn budgets!

* One more CD release tidbit, while we’re on the subject: Screwtape Letters set its album release date as September 25 with a special concert at Hot Topic. The album is available for pre-order for $5, as evidenced by the band’s merch table at last night’s All Shall Perish show that they opened for.

* Faatherton, back from a long hiatus to play Washington Irving’s going-away show August 1, recently released new music on its MySpace page. Check out the latest tune, “More From You,” by putting your mouse pointer over these funny-colored words and depressing your index finger.

* The Conniptions are back after an almost two-year absence to perform together again, and it’s going down September 4 at Lindberg’s with also-back band The Dark Alleys and Nude Furniture.

* Andy Marshall, formerly the bass player for local rock group Playing With Matches, is working on a new rock band (not the all-covers group Under the Covers, which was formed to play just one show) with members of A Day Away and more. Details are still sketchy at this time, but we hear the (apparently still unnamed) band is looking to start playing shows soon.

* The Cropdusters are back in the studio working on a full-length album, though we don’t know much more than that at the moment.

* Also at work in the studio: Pillbox, Troy and Extreme Hate Frequency, who recently released a handful of songs they recorded at Engaged Audio on their MySpace page.

* Speaking of EHF, they’re opening for Mower, who is coming to Springfield August 26 to play The Outland Ballroom.


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