The Top 5 Dirty Blondes Videos of All Time, Part 5


blondesballroomtimmyAhhh… we’ve reached the pinnacle of The Dirty Blondes‘ videography, and this one may be a bit of a keepsake. You know, if videos of the city’s most out-of-control and raunchy punk band can be. Ranald is back with his last installment of our countdown of The Top 5 Dirty Blondes Videos of All Time, and you can partake in the fornication-inducing awesomeness after the break.


Friday, 8/7 – Day 5 – Judgement Day

Ranald Ives Cummings number the III here, giving you the final installment of The Top Five Dirty Blonde Videos of All Time.  Brought to you today, as always, by who want to remind you that Mr. DeRosh will be drinking at the Ballroom tonight with us and he wants you all to be there. (I’ll vouch for this. -Ed.)   Now, as you know, TONIGHT at the BALLROOM is the LAST DIRTY BLONDES SHOW….EVER.  For reals.  No Foolin.  So to bring the series to a close I offer you what will be one of the last videos shot of us….ever.  No, it’s not from the future, although…  Focus Ran.  This video was shot at the penultimate Blondes performance, also at the Ballroom, and shows what a bunch of semi-nude men can do when they really put their minds to it.  It is the much beloved and wonderfully tasteful ode to bulemia, “Spew.”  And, to answer Timmy’s question at the end of the video: Yes, I do have one more in me.  We all do, and it’s TONIGHT.  Enjoy.

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