The Show Report, 8/7: Put that Dirty Blonde wig on, baby. It’s a very sexy night.


Dirty Blondes at ArtWalk? Isn’t ArtWalk supposed to be a family-friendly, chill event? Oh, not tonight, chickadees. Tonight the four Dirty Blondes–namely Ranald Ives Cummings III, Renton Fallstaff, Nathan Mattney and Timmy Miano–take over ArtWalk night with the sexiest, sloppiest, most debaucherous show this side of a Tokyo sex show. (Well, it’s good horny punk rock, anyway.) It’s also the last night you’ll ever get to see said show happen, as the band says farewell on The Outland Ballroom’s stage tonight. Joining them will be The Disappointments, who are pulling the double-whammy of a CD release party and farewell show of their own; the immortal Pilot Whale, not seen since his set with Black Box Revue earlier this summer; and The Vagina Massacre, who win the prize for Best Band Name in Springfield and, we’re told, rock at the simulated-concert game Rock Band. They must, since they perform using the game. Expect one hell of a rock show… and, by the end of the night, one hell of a mess. But then, in the world of Dirty Blondes, messy is good.

Ready for more? Come get it:

* The Short Histories of Powerful Nations and Knife*Death at The High Life Live Martini Lounge. As long as we’re talking debauchery, this show is rife with possibilities. Two of the city’s most out-there metal-ish bands in the close confines of The High Life could take this lineup to the next level.

* Science Hill, Sunrise Cassette and Berch at Nathan P. Murphy’s. Science Hill (from St. Louis) has been pining to come back to Springfield since its show at Murphy’s in the spring, so watch for a particularly energetic performance. Exciting as they’re likely to be, the real gems here may be the local openers, both of which pack melodic punch and know how to write good songs. You’ll be hearing more from both in the future.

* ’50s Night at Lindberg’s. Who can resist the chance to go retro, both in style and in rock? A cast of local musicians will take the stage playing classics from the era, and period attire is certainly encouraged. McFly, if you’re reading this, put the damn picture away and play “Johnny B. Goode,” already.

* Black Box Revue with guest Kids at the Bar at The Outland

* Jam Room at Dennis’ Place

Trash Angels at Three 20’s Club

Rags to Rich’s at Patton Alley Pub


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