Bloody Battle of the Bands: The results are in


Battle of the Bands2We walked into yesterday’s Bloody Battle of the Bands at Remington’s Southside to find a sea of donors at tables giving a pint for their favorite bands and a good cause. It was a healthy crowd–in more ways than one, apparently–and a spry one, at that. Performing bands were often greeted by a leaping, singing, dancing mass of people. It looked good, but how were the numbers? This was a blood drive, after all. And who won the battle of the bands? We’ll put a bow–or, perhaps more appropriately, a little bandage–on the whole thing for you after the break.

First of all, the music. Seven bands competed, followed by a headlining set by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and then the announcement of the winner. At the end of the night, local pop-punk group Good Times took home the top prize, which includes eight hours of recording time at Studio 2100 and a bass processor, guitar processor and three microphones from Hoover Music. Second place went to The Tall Dark and Handsomes, who took home music and art lessons from Pellegrino School of Music and a $100 gift certificate to Guitar Center.

Last, and more important in the greater scheme of things, 171 pints of blood were donated to Community Blood Center of the Ozarks, which means, if statistics are to be believed, donors saved a total of 513 lives yesterday. “Way to go” doesn’t begin to cover it.


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