The Top 5 Dirty Blondes Videos of All Time, Part 3


RanThe sexy mayhem continues! Yes, Mr. Ives, aka Ran from The Dirty Blondes, is back to walk you through the next installment of his countdown of The Top 5 Dirty Blondes Videos of All Time. Lewd? Yes. Crude? Matter of opinion, but likely. Full of attitude? Hey… this is The Dirty Blondes we’re talking about here. Get Ran’s take on #3 after the break.

Hi-ho, Ranald the Ives here.  Bringing you the top five DBV’s of all time in honor of the Dirty Blondes LAST SHOW EVER which is THIS FRIDAY NIGHT @ THE BALLROOM.  For day three of five, we bring you something special.  To celebrate the release of our album last year we put together an event that no one here has seen the likes of before or since.  1 show, 3 hours, THIRTEEN live performances (including a full dose of awesome from the Blondes).  It was epic.  To kick off our set we knew something spectacular would be needed, so we enlisted our good friend Trent Wilson (of the FIlthy Thirds, The Boogeymen, The Detectives, Eric Weiler Band, and so forth) and well, you can see the delicious results for yourself.  Enjoy.

(for a FREE DOWNLOAD of The Dirty Blondes full length album  “I’m Not Sorry” go to!!!)


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