I Want My RanTV: The Top 5 Dirty Blondes Videos of All Time, Parts 1 & 2


dirtyblondesoutlandCall us fans of crazy ideas, and especially fans of local-musician enthusiasm.

I can think of a few other things, too…

Geez, someone hasn’t had their morning coffee. Anyway, when we got back from last night’s Primer 55 show at The Outland Ballroom we were greeted with a gem of a brainstorm sitting in our inbox courtesy of Ranald Ives Cummings III. You may know Cummings as the singer for the local punk rock group The Dirty Blondes, and you may also know the Blondes are playing their going-away show this Friday night at The Outland Ballroom with The Disappointments (also playing their last gig/CD release party) and Pilot Whale (who had better not be playing his last gig).

With the big show coming up, Cummings wrote us with the idea of a countdown of the five best Dirty Blondes Videos (aka DBVs; sort of like WMDs only the UN is more likely to find them) with #1 debuting Friday morning. Cummings even wrote them all out. Brilliant, yes? Well, he forgot one important detail: By sending it in overnight Monday, the countdown is set back a day. What’s the fun in playing the best-ever Dirty Blondes vid once the band no longer exists? Not ones to let a good plan go to waste, we’ve decided to get things back on track by giving you the bottom end of the countdown–i.e. the first two videos–on the same day, followed by the last three one at a time and ending on Friday as intended. So who’s ready to see some less-than-fully clothed, sometimes cross-dressing men play libido-infused punk rock?! Ran takes the reigns after the break.

Monday, 8/3 – Day 1

Ladies and gentlemen, Ran here.  Ranald Ives Cummings III to all of you.  A sad moment comes upon you this week, the end of a very sexy era.  The Dirty Blondes will play their last, this very FRIDAY NIGHT in a spectacular show at the OUTLAND BALLROOM.  But fret not faithful fans, we want to give out as many memories as possible to take with you when you tell the world (for the rest of your lives) about the great band you ever saw.  Therefore, we of the Dirty Blondes bring to you: The DBV’s.  The top five Dirty Blonde Videos of all time.  Each day this week, a new video, a new story, and new chance to remember and share.  Let’s begin, shall we?

This first video is one of the oldest we have.  Courtesy of the lovely Blondie, as most of our videos are, here you see a young band less than a year in and already on it’s third drummer.  WTF?  Also, one of the only traces of evidence of the meticulously created “Dirty Blondes” banner, which I believe was drunkenly left somewhere in St. Louis after, like, three shows with it.  The song is “16 Tons,” by Tennessee Ernie Ford, the only song regularly played in both the Blondes and the now long-forgotten Walnut Street Gang.  Enjoy.

(p.s. this was sent to Mr. DeRosh late on Moday.  If you’re not reading this till Tuesday, it’s not his fault, it’s mine.  If you’re not reading this till Wednesday, why the hell are you not reading thefourfour everyday!?)

(for a FREE DOWNLOAD of The Dirty Blondes full length album I’m Not Sorry go to monoamericano.com !!!)

Tuesday, 8/4 – Day 2

Welcome once again to the Top Five DBV’s of all time, I’m Ranald Ives Cummings III. This is a moving tribute to the greatest band you’ve ever seen and a subtle reminder that THIS FRIDAY NIGHT said band plays its last.  Yes, the Dirty Blondes are soon to be no more, but before the extravaganza, we’ve brought you some delicious trips down memory lane.  Today’s video, again courtesy of the lovely Blondie, is the very first song we ever wrote.  “Dancing to Your Architecture (Let’s Talk About Music)” was to become the template on which Blondeness was based…..it also kicks ass.  Here is a fine performance of it at the Ballroom the night we played AFTER Jah Roots.  Quite the task, considering they had just rocked the crowd for TWO HOURS.  Yet your beloved Blondes, undaunted, owned the jam-tastic crowd and made them beg for more.  Oh yes, we did.  Enjoy.

(for a FREE DOWNLOAD of The Dirty Blondes full length album I’m Not Sorry go to monoamericano.com !!!)


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