The Show Report, 7/29: So You Think You Can–nothing. Less dancing, more rocking.

Shut up, Mary Murphy. Local music is hijacking your audience tonight. You're riding The Hot Tamale Train solo.

Shut up, Mary Murphy. Local music is hijacking your audience tonight. You're riding The Hot Tamale Train solo.

Let’s level for a minute. We don’t often speak in such tones, but damnit, it’s Wednesday night in the middle of summer and anyone who stays home to watch television instead of hitting up at least one of tonight’s shows ought to be smacked straight out of their barcalounger. Done entirely on the low, Wednesday night has become the go-to night for some of The Springfield Scene’s best talent to corner the market on nightlife. Seriously; give ’em a top hat and a monocle, cuz it’s a Monopoly and they’re taking over like it’s Park Place up in here. You know that night of the week when you can walk into your favorite bar and it’s just you and the other regulars hanging out? Tonight is the night for local music’s regulars, and they’re in rare form, perhaps as rare as they’ve ever been at mid-week. We can’t even begin to tell you here; you’re just gonna have to read after the break. And for God’s sake, TiVo So You Think You Can Dance tonight. We don’t wanna have to get feisty.

* Knife*Death hosts its CD release party at Nathan P. Murphy’s tonight with New Madrid, North and The Alphabet Makers. After a year and a half of waiting, Knife*Death is finally ready to release The Phallic Malice EP (review forthcoming), and the album will be available at the show. Expect kitten imagery, possibly homemade snack foods (it’s happened before) and the zaniest metal show you’ll see in this city. 

* Eddie Gumucio at Springfield Brewing Company. Gumucio has been playing solo to crowds upstairs at BrewCo for more than a year now; even we didn’t realize it had been that long. You can catch Eddie any other time with The Electrics, but this is the only place you can currently hear him perform on his own.

* Mark Bilyeu at Lindberg’s, the first of at least five consecutive Wednesday-night shows for the Springfield Music institution. If you’re not already convinced you need to be here, listen to this about a quarter of the way in.

* Urban Legend at The High Life Live Martini Lounge. There’s talk of the group heading into the studio to record sometime soon, which should be interesting given the band never puts on the same performance twice. 

* Greasy Chair at Patton Alley Pub, with members of Speakeasy and The Ben Miller Band strutting their rock stuff for the crowd. Clear your table and Shawn Eckels might even play guitar from your tabletop.

* The Detectives at Dennis’ Place. That’s not a typo. One of The Outland’s hottest draws is switching rooms for the night (they play The Outland Thursday nights anyway) and taking its ’60s rock and soul covers with it. In a night full of talented local acts, this could be the dark horse for smash hit of the night.

* DJ P at The Outland. It’s good to have a familiar face back in the city, isn’t it? The mashup DJ known for playing the city’s rock clubs back in the day did a regular gig in Vegas as well as touring and now is back… and he’s playing one of the city’s longest active and most high-profile rock clubs. 

* Tuck & Abney at Whiskey Holler, a show that, by the way, has no cover. That’s right, FREE Tuck & Abney for your aural pleasure. 

* Trash Angels at Harlow’s, which marks the last official show for the band with its current bassist, Landon Rolfe.

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