Like what we’re doing? Please help us help you help us help you…


Dare I say it, but the “scene” is growing. That’s thank to a lot of hard work from bands, venues, and promoters. I mean seriously, look at all the freakin’ touring acts and national acts we’re getting now ‘a days—I’ve NEVER seen this many bands come through this town…EVER. So thank the promoters, venues, sound guys, bartenders, door guys, etc. Most importantly thank  YOU for visiting our little site as often as you do (hopefully every day) and please keep it up. We’re needing a little help though. Chris and I are hard workin’ our day jobs due to lack of any cash, so there may be a little dip in posts here and there. That’s because we can’t spend hours and hours each day scouring the interwebs like we normally do. This is where we need your help. And we DO need your help. We think this is pretty important, so please click through and read on and pitch in.

If you’re in a band, have friends in bands, like going to shows, etc and you have music news for anything music in the area…email us at and let us know! A lot of people have been amazing so far in helping us out by letting us know what they’re up to. This is amazing—thank you! Trust us, there are A LOT of people in the area that are actually interested, so don’t get all modest…let us know what you’re up to and we can broadcast it to thousands of readers every week.

Second, hit our “promote” page. There you can grab a vector version of our logo and slap it on your flyers, your cd artwork, your shirts, etc. (Listen to the latest episode of Z 106.7’s Rock Talk here and see how Yankton Southern’s band, Heartpunch, made the amazing gesture of getting Heartpunch shirts made with TheFourFour logo on the back at Czar Graphics. You might have seen us wearing it around…b/c its freakin’ awesome…and it made our year. Czar has our screen and will cut bands a discount when they get shirts made with our logo on the back…even more details coming on that soon.) You can also nab web banners to put on your MySpace, website, etc to let people know about us. Add a banner or link to us at the bottom of your band’s blogs, MySpace bulletins, etc. Anything and everything helps. Oh, and the big one… mention us on-stage if you’d like.

Remember, we’re also on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Twitter and all that jazz. Holla at us and help spread word via those avenues as well. So add us on MySpace (and link to us and/or put us in your top friends), Fan us on Facebook and “Share” with friends by posting to your profile or sending direct messages to friends, Follow us on Twitter and re-tweet posts, etc etc. Every little bit counts. Do you like taking photos? Have a digital camera? Share your pics with us on our public Flickr group (and soon you’ll be able to share them on the new website). Maybe you can even help out by helping us hit shows to take pics and/or vids. Just email us if you’re interested.

Chris and I are very hard at work to bring you the 2nd annual FourFourFest. On top of that we have a brand new, pimped out 2.0 website that is due out in then next month with tons of great features and even user accounts and band pages. As soon as we have a rundown of features, etc with screenshots, I’ll have them up.

Thank you for reading and keep up all the good work.


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One Response to “Like what we’re doing? Please help us help you help us help you…”

  1. Johnny Bukkake Says:

    Cheeky monkeys!!! You feelers are the golden and perfect D cup tits!!

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