Vacation or competition? Rockaway Beach puts out APB for battle of the bands

Can a band take in a group vacation and a battle of the bands at the same time? For $75, the answer is yes.

Can a band take in a group vacation and a battle of the bands at the same time? For $75, the answer is yes.

It’s a Monday in the middle of summer, and we’re all back at work, merrily (or not so much) plugging away at routine blah-diddy-blah-blah… let’s talk about going to the lake, shall we? There seems to be a renewed interest in the concept of battles of the bands lately. (We’re getting to the “lake” part. Honest.) There’s a pretty good one coming up next week, and we periodically receive word of others in the works. The latest comes from Rockaway Beach, long the more chilled-out spot in the tri-lakes area next to Lake Taneycomo, which has set up a multi-day competition for the end of August. That’s right: Music competition at the height of lake season. When your band is done playing its set, it’s time for fun in the sun! Get more details after the break.

The Battle of the Beach, as the event is called, is the first annual and is scheduled for August 27-30. The event will have two initial rounds, one each on Thursday and Friday, where audience voting will pare the number of bands down to 12. From there the judged semifinal round Saturday whittles the list down to a final four, all of whom will compete Sunday to determine the winner. 

The grand prize, according to the event’s website, is a multi-faceted package of eight hours of studio recording time, record deal, booking agent and photo shoot. Area hotels are offering discount rates for event competitors, though there is an event signup fee of $75 per artist that will eat into that savings. Think of it as a downpayment on a weekend getaway with a free band competition thrown in for good measure. If you want to find out more, you can call 417-464-8735.


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