METAL FOR YOUR FACE! Huge metal shows coming to town



If July wasn’t enough, there’s more. Local promoters and bringing the metal to you like never before. I remember a time when getting one or two good shows a month was a good month, but now its at least 2 great touring acts a week (it seems) and some weeks more (yeah, like 4 or 5 like last week). Well there’s more. Quite a few HUGE names in metal coming to town. Click through for all the info…

Note the very important and awesome (ALL AGES) tag on ALL of these shows.

First: August 8, Remmington’s Downtown
FM Productions and present Hatebreed, Chimaira, Winds of Plague, Dying Fetus, and Toxic Holocaust at Remmington’s Downtown. (ALL AGES)


Second: August 10, Billiards Blue Room
Vance Productions gives us All Shall Perish at Billiard’s Blue Room with Murlesque, I Don’t Want to Die In Texas, and Screwtape Letters. (ALL AGES) Only 10 bones.


Third: September 5, Remminton’s Downtown
Forever Endeavor Productions brings in Emmure, Stick To Your Guns, Evergreen Terrace, For Today and Oceano to Remmington’s Downtown. (ALL AGES)


Fourth: October 2, Remmington’s Downtown
Forever Endeavor Productions is bringing Parkway Drive back with A Day To Remember, In Fear And Faith, and I See Stars for only $19!!! (ALL AGES)


Be sure to get out there and support the bands on tour, the venues and the promoters! Spread word!


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3 Responses to “METAL FOR YOUR FACE! Huge metal shows coming to town”

  1. Six Shots Says:

    Primer 55 w/Six Shots Till Dawn–Extreme Hate Frequency–Fiera Mon August 3rd, Outland Ballroom 7pm. Tickets $10 from Six Shots or $14 at the door

  2. Six Shots Says:

    OTEP w/ Six Shots Till Dawn– Sat August 29th, Remmingtons

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