The Voyage Ends: We Voyagers announce their split


We VoyagersIt’s no secret that school obligations is the number-one cause of band deaths in America today. (“Settling down” is a close second.) Its latest victim is local high school indie group We Voyagers, who will soon be losing singer Tim Peacock to an arts college in Florida. The band has scheduled a farewell show Sunday, August 16 at Randy Bacon Photography Studio & Gallery, where the group will debut its completed album Bon Voyage (is that a prophetic title or what) while performing with The Scribbles and Twelvish Trees. The door charge is $3, which might be the most affordable show we’ve ever seen at the gallery, and according to the band all proceeds will go to the El Salvador-based Los Angeles Refugee Camp.


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3 Responses to “The Voyage Ends: We Voyagers announce their split”

  1. Jacob Shoven Says:

    They really did something great & unique for the music scene. RIP VOYAGERS

  2. Thomas Dweegen Says:

    I know with what they have done at past shows and this bands ambition to make everything fun this last show is sure to be a blast.

  3. thederosh Says:

    We’re sad, too. Remember the Corporate Industry Tour last December, with so many shows at area businesses all in one day? Fresh thinking like that always gets our motor revving. Hopefully they’re all on to even bigger, better things.

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