The Show Report, 7/24: The Double-Whammy


We don’t envy The Outland Ballroom’s crew tonight. Okay, maybe we do a little. They’ll be called upon to preside over two big-drawing shows, which would exhaust just about everyone except maybe this little guy. On the plus side, they’ve got a front-row seat for Boba Flex, The Dogs Divine, Six Shots Till Dawn and Adara early and Spookie Daly Pride, Roots Of Mankind and BringYourGreenHat late. Not a bad night’s work by any measure. You’ll want to be at the Ballroom at 5 p.m. for doors to the early show and at 9 p.m. for doors to the late show… unless, of course, you’re part of the staff, in which you’re probably already there and settled in for a long, huge night.

If a marathon night of music isn’t to your liking, perhaps one of these shows will tickle your fancy:

* Black Box Revue at The Outland with guest We Are Like the Spider. Word on the street is WALTS is going to do something completely different tonight for the electro-dance-rock duo. We have a feeling it will be awesome.

* Super String Theory brings the mind-numbing guitar skills of Aaron Roten back to Nathan P. Murphy’s

* EgoMagnet at The High Life Live Martini Lounge

* Hot Box at Dennis’ Place

* Hat Trick at Patton Alley Pub


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3 Responses to “The Show Report, 7/24: The Double-Whammy”

  1. Scott P. Says:

    yeah man, double show night at the ballroom. gonna be awesome. metal show is EARLY, starts at like 5 and ends at 8ish.

    the jam/roots shows starts up around 9 and goes all night. how cool is that?

  2. MobileForceRecording Says:

    Everyone should check out We Are Like The Spider tonight. It’s going to be very cool, trust me!

  3. Ty Says:

    John Henry and the Engine w/ Gas Pump Talent @ Lindbergs tonight.

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