The Show Report, 7/22: Surprise!


We’ve arrived at Hump Day, that day in the week where, once it passes, our attention spans slowly dwindle until the weekend arrives and it’s time to go about the business of entertaining ourselves. That would make Hump Day out to be a bit of a lull, and while it may be true that this is the only night this week without a major traveling act coming through Springfield, it is far from quiet. Out of the blue, Joey Rowlett, bassist of Matt Stell & The Crashers, phoned us to mention a surprise acoustic show tonight at Dennis’ Place (921 W. Sunshine St.) in which he, Stell and John D. Hale will all be performing. As if the chance to see three luminaries among the Red Dirt country acts in our music scene wasn’t reason enough to attend, the show, Rowlette tells us, is FREE. We hope Dennis’ stocked up on its whiskey. The special concert begins tonight at 9 p.m.

That’s just a small part of your all-things-local show night, since there’s also:

* Urban Legend at The High Life Live Martini Lounge, which remains one of the best weekly shows in the city with its improvised combination of hip hop records and live-instrument backing.

* DJ P at The Outland, which is now a weekly happening for one of Springfield’s most successful and longest-running DJs.

* Greasy Chair at Patton Alley Pub, which features a combination of players from Speakeasy and The Ben Miller Band… and some intriguing guests. In recent weeks local hip hop virtuoso SincerelyYours has been hopping onstage for some stunning cameos.


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One Response to “The Show Report, 7/22: Surprise!”

  1. Johnny Bukkake Says:

    Aye ye ye!!!!!! NO URBAN LEGEND TONIGHT. DJ Platinum’s on tour. Booooooo……

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