Major Show Announcement! Parkway Drive Returns October 2nd!!!


When we got a text from Dan Magnum at Forever Endeavor Productions, we flipped! Parkway Drive is returning in the same year! Thank God! If you weren’t one of the lucky 300 to cram into the Outland Ballroom the last time Parkway Drive came, then you were one of the couple hundred that got turned away at the door. That show goes down in our minds as one of the best shows this town has seen in a while—best as in, packed body to body, rockin’ and people going nuts the whole time. They’re returning, and with one hell of a band too…

Parkway Drive returns to Springfield, MO, but this time to Remmington’s Downtown (which hopefully will fit the crowd this time—props to everyone turning out to the Ballroom though, fantastic freakin’ show and thanks goes to the people that show up just as much as to the bands and the promoters!).

Parkway will be accompanied by A Day To Remember, who will be fresh from a long road trip on the Vans Warped Tour; In Fear and Faith and I See Stars. The show is scheduled to go down October 2. There aren’t many more details than that at the moment, but you can bet when we get them you will. In the meantime, here are some links to learn more about the bands on the lineup:

Parkway Drive

A Day To Remember

In Fear and Faith

I See Stars


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