The Show Report, 7/11: CDReleaseapalooza, Day Two: Get your boots on


We promised you more CD release party madness tonight, and, oh, are you getting it. The Bootheel is finally ready to present its six-song EP Gold Tops (album review coming shortly) to the masses tonight, and it does so with a shindig at The Outland Ballroom with Cooter Brown and Washington Irving. As if a show with that three-band package deal isn’t reason enough to brave the Ballroom heat, let’s expound on a couple of other details:

1. There is a fresh batch of Bootheel BBQ Sauce ready for sale at tonight’s show. See if this rings a bell:

2. You’re running out of chances to see Washington Irving in concert, so friggin’ do it already. Seriously. We just deployed the word “friggin'” for emphasis. Nineties-tinged indie rock is in your midst and going away soon. Get out and enjoy it.

That’s not even close to all that’s happening tonight:

* Let’s say you can’t wait until 10 p.m. to get your live music fix tonight. Sounds on the Square is here to feed the need with FREE family-friendly shows from Steven Spalding (7 p.m.), Bottlefish (8 p.m.) and Katie Tow (9 p.m.).

* The Lifeline returns to Nathan P. Murphy’s as part of its Hot Rock & Blues summer concert series. If you missed them on St. Patrick’s Day–mmm… green beer–here’s your chance to catch an outstanding Chicago act on the rise. Sunrise Cassette pulls an admirable back-to-back of show nights after playing last evening on Sounds On the Square. They sound as good live as they do on record, which is not such an easy feat.

* As Of Now plays its last show with its current lineup tonight with opener Adara at The High Life Live Martini Lounge.

* Speakeasy and Madahoochi both play their first-ever shows at Lindberg’s tonight. These two bands usually play to Remmington’s Downtown or Outland Ballroom-sized crowds; tonight they’re compressing that crowd–and that onstage energy–into a room of much smaller size.

* Tokyo Sauna, My Politic and Barak Hill–all three newer bands and ones to watch for–at The Outland

* Trash Angels at Roadhouse Saloon

* Devlin Pierce at Schultz & Dooley’s

* The Reeling Gilly at Patton Alley Pub


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