BANDS! Want a FREE music video? Hurry and get in on this.


rockonmusicvideocompThere a local competition called The Rock On Music Video Competition that you can read about here. Well, they need more musicians submitting music. So if you’re in a band and want to let some local filmmakers have a crack and doing a FREE music video, get in on this NOW…hurry b/c they’re only taking submissions for a little while longer. Details…From Ryan Piotrowski and the Rock On Facebook Group:

So for those of you out there I’m sending out yet another request for song submissions. it seems that the amount of filmmakers competiting that don’t have a song already is higher than expected so if you’re a part of a band and want a free music video then email your song to Submit an entire album if you want! All submited songs will recieve an email with the release attatched. Also don’t forward us to myspace as we need an actual copy of the song. please atatch it to your email.

We are also, of course, still looking for more filmmakers to compete so tell your friends and REGISTER! Online registration at will save you 10 bucks on your entry fee so it’s a good deal! Remember competition in 3 days so get geared up! as always you can contact us at (417) 224-0673 or at .


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