A Fond Farewell says “farewell” to their name


lifelineA Fond Farewell has changed their name to Sunrise Cassette after legal action was threatened by a group of the same name. No worries, a simple change and everything is back on course with their next few shows: one the square for Sounds on the Square on July 10 and opening for touring act The Lifeline as they hit Nathan P. Murphy’s for the Hot Rock n’ Blues summer concert series. Details on the whole deal…You can hit the MOrawk thread here, but here’s the details:

To avoid being sued by german band “A Fond Farewell”(who was signed to a major record label recently), we have decided to change our name to “Sunrise Cassette”. We hope that the name change will go smoothly and not confuse any of you guys who come to our shows.
We have already transitioned our MySpace to the new name, as well as started booking shows under the new name.

The last show we will officially be billed as “A Fond Farewell…” will be this friday, July 10 at Sounds On The Square. The next day(July 11), we will be opening for ‘The Lifeline’ at Nathan P Murphy’s as “Sunrise Cassette”.

Our New Email Address is: SunriseCassette@gmail.com

Our New MySpace Address is: myspace.com/sunrisecassette

We hopw to see you all at the upcoming shows this weekend!

Sunrise Cassette


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