IT BEGINS: Submissions for FourFourFest 2009 begin NOW



We’ve been looking forward to this since, well, November 16–the day after the first FourFourFest took place. The first festival was a nine-venue pub crawl that was equal parts fantastic, positive scene moment and learning experience. We can honestly say the ripple effects have been felt ever since, which is enticement to do it again, and better. Less than a year later, work has already begun in earnest on the second edition of the event. To get the quick-hit version, it goes like this:

1. We’re holding it earlier this year, on September 19.

2. It will be a single-location outdoor festival, not a pub crawl.

3. It will coordinate with a compilation CD which includes all of the performing artists, part of the proceeds of which will go to charity.

We want to start getting bands involved, both to save the date for the show and to begin readying said compilation CD. Ready to enter the rabbit hole? Click the link below and get the full details.

The goal is to have a compilation album containing every performing artist–16 is the optimal number in our minds–available for sale the day of the show, so we want to begin by taking song submissions from artists who wish to play at the show. Here are the ground rules:

  1. One song per artist, no longer than 4 minutes and 30 seconds in length (4:30).
  2. The deadline for submissions is 11:59 p.m. July 17. Any submissions after that cannot be taken into consideration.
  3. Serious inquiries only, please. By submitting a song, the band/artist is also expressing his/her/its availability to play the festival on September 19. The two things go hand in hand. If you can’t play the festival, we can’t include you on this compilation, either, so there’s no need to send a song.
  4. Please send your submissions to We’ve set up that address specifically for this occasion and others in the future like it.
  5. The print run of CDs will be 1,000, available exclusively at the festival the day of the event and subsequently divided among the participating bands and Half of all proceeds from CD sales will go to selected charities; all of the proceeds from selling the remaining CDs will go to those selling them.
  6. Send any questions to We’re happy to help answer them.

We’re hard at work coordinating all of the elements for the festival itself, which is no small undertaking, but look for details about that late this week or early next. In the meantime, we’re looking forward to beginning this phase of the event and coordinating the lineup and list of bands on the album.

If you want to be involved, please don’t hesitate. Email us at ASAP!


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3 Responses to “IT BEGINS: Submissions for FourFourFest 2009 begin NOW”

  1. Nate- UBD Says:

    u got our submission. check it! later guys!


    […] ENTER NOW! Submissions will not be taken after 11:59 pm TONIGHT!!! (Friday, July 17) […]

  3. Donnie Says:

    When are you guys planning to announce the lineup?

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