Your last chances to catch Washington Irving are


Washington Irving, Outland Ballroom, TK

Add one more band to the list of those splitting up. Local indie-rock group Washington Irving announced it will be parting ways in early August due to the departure of guitarist and singer Brett O’Neal for school in Illinois. But while the band’s time as an active member of the local scene is nearing completion–save possibly for an occasional “reunion” show when O’Neal comes back to Springfield–there are still three chances on the schedule to see the group. Learn more after the break.

According to the band’s MySpace page, Washington Irving has three farewell shows scheduled at this time:

July 11: The Bootheel‘s CD release show at The Outland Ballroom with Cooter Brown.

July 18: Opening for Chicago group Loose Lips Sink Ships and The Short Histories of Powerful Nations at The Outland

August 1: The official farewell show at Lindberg’s with Ghost Dance and Faatherton

There remains the possibility of more shows getting added to this trio, but for now it is true that these are the last for-sure chances to see the group behind one of our favorite albums of 2008. Don’t waste them.

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