Rock Talk, 6/28: Underground Blues Division, The Nova Heat and the best pitchman ever


kzrqrocktalklogo1When it comes to Rock Talk on Z 106.7, we like to think it’s the listener that always wins. In the world of television pitchmen, our guests seemed to agree: Billy Mays, the voice of OxiClean who died yesterday at age 50, could kick Shamwow seller Vince Offer’s a** at selling stuff. Gone but not forgotten, impersonations of Mays peppered our interviews with both Underground Blues Division and The Nova Heat, both of which have major CD release shows coming July 10. TNH’s singer songwriter, Jason Loftin, even stuck around to lend a hand with Four from The Four Four to close out the show. We laughed a lot and pitched some great local music (like it needs a pitch), though never as good as the master. In the end, of course, you win, dear listener. Enjoy the spoils of victory after the break. 

Rock Talk 6/28 Part 1

Rock Talk 6/28 Part 2

Rock Talk 6/28 Part 3

Rock Talk 6/28 Part 4

Rock Talk 6/28 Part 5

Rock Talk is the all things local radio program that airs on Z 106.7 Sunday nights from 10-11pm. Rock Talk is hosted by Simon Nytes and co-hosted by Chris and Scott from If you would like to get your band on Rock Talk, contact us at for booking. For back episodes of Rock Talk featuring tons of bands and live performances, just click the “Rock Talk” tag. Thanks for listening.

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One Response to “Rock Talk, 6/28: Underground Blues Division, The Nova Heat and the best pitchman ever”

  1. chris Says:

    It’s a bit creepy that you talked about Billy Mays so much.

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