Close/Far studios to move?


Close/Far studio is losing its space of 8 years under Mudhouse. The owner of the building, former mayor Tom Carlson, has decided to repurpose the space currently occupied by Jonathan James and the Close/Far studio. Luckily a local hero has stepped up to aid in the situation. Details after the jump.

Close/Far studio has cranked out tons of well-known music around town. This development, well, frankly…SUCKS. Luckily Nick Sibley, the one-man music force, owner of Nick Sibley Music (recording studio just south of Walnut on Campbell), member of countless bands (most notedly Nick, Ruell, and Ned The Band and their weekly McSalty’s gigs), and the man that gives multiple places for your favorite local bands a place to practice without getting cops called every week…has stepped in and will be letting Jonathan use his downtown recording studio. Thank you Nick for allowing it to continue! We’re looking forward to all the new amazing music to come!

You can check out more details on the MOrawk message board thread here.


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3 Responses to “Close/Far studios to move?”

  1. Jonathan James Says:

    Just to be clear, Nick is renting out his studio to me on a nightly basis, not just handing over a set of keys carte blanche. Of course, I am extremely grateful for his help and look forward to utilizing such a wonderful space to record in.

  2. Shawn Says:

    Did you hear a collective groan from 2627 E Sunshine when you mentioned the McSalty’s shows?

  3. SarahW Says:

    Woah, this really sucks. Sorry to hear this Jonathan.

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