Blood is on the bad thriller mirror. Beat it, Billie Jean. You are not alone: A Michael Jackson videography


MichaelJackson-OffTheWallOkay, I didn’t want to do real work while I ate dinner, so instead I thought I should make some mention of pop legend Michael Jackson‘s death today at age 50. As there’s no known evidence of Jackson even passing through a truckstop bathroom in the area, to say nothing of actually coming to Springfield, there is little to say of the man of real relevance to the local music scene. That said, he was a huge presence in the music that shaped many people’s youths–in two generations–and there is much to be said for that. News of his controversial eccentricities eventually replaced the headlines his artistic cred once garnered, but there remains no denying that there was only one Michael Jackson. You can read any number of obits and schmaltzy blog posts elsewhere on The Internets; here, we just wanna make you dance. After the break is every music video we could find from Michael Jackson’s solo career. Moonwalk your living asses off in remembrance.


“Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”

“Rock With You”

“She’s Out Of My Life”

“Billie Jean”

“Beat It”



“The Way You Make Me Feel”

“Dirty Diana”

“Man In the Mirror”

“Another Part Of Me”

“Smooth Criminal”

“Come Together”

“Leave Me Alone”

“Liberian Girl”

“Black Or White”

“Remember the Time”

“In the Closet”

“Who Is It?”


“Heal the World”

“Give In To Me”

“Will You Be There”

“Gone Too Soon”



“You Are Not Alone”

“Earth Song”

“They Don’t Care About Us”

“Stranger In Moscow”

“Blood On the Dance Floor”


“You Rock My World”



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One Response to “Blood is on the bad thriller mirror. Beat it, Billie Jean. You are not alone: A Michael Jackson videography”

  1. Kalt Says:

    We’ll miss you MJ…

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