Meet MayApple Studio PLUS SPECIAL OFFER!


It appears two major musical forces in The Springfield Scene are teaming up for a new project. MayApple Records chief and Big Smith singer Mark Bilyeu is working with Never Saints and Sociables keyboardist and singer Daniel Maple to record local musicians outside the MayApple family and regardless of genre. MayApple Studio is a converted house in a country-ish setting on East Cherry Street, fully equipped with Logic and Pro Tools along with the other houselike amenities… ya know, since it’s a converted house. We’re not used to hearing phrases such as “parkayed floors,” “full kitchen,” “Jacuzzi” or “rain-making shower” in the description of a recording space, yet there they are in the description of this facility.

It’s a low-pro bungalow befitting a Hollywood setting, which is fitting given Maple’s experience recording major-label acts such as Maroon 5, Britney Spears and more while living in California a few years ago. Add in Bilyeu’s access to the infrastructure to get CDs professionally pressed and you have a one-stop place to get top-shelf sound… for the you-can’t-be-serious price of $35 per hour, with negotiable price breaks for larger time blocks or full-album agreements.

That’s not all. Click the words below for a special introductory offer valid this weekend ONLY.

Maple tells us he’s offering a special price for this weekend only, in honor of the website you’re reading it on. Mention this post and you can have four fully completed songs THIS WEEKEND for $400. Note the lack of time constraint on that offer; normally that cost would get you a little less than 13 hours, but here you can set up, track and mix for that amount regardless of how long it takes. Deals don’t get much sweeter. Those interested can contact Maple at Enjoy some Jacuzzi time on our part.


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7 Responses to “Meet MayApple Studio PLUS SPECIAL OFFER!”

  1. Scott P. Says:

    dude. dude.


    this is amazing.

  2. Johnny Bukkake Says:

    Man, and that’s dang old first come first served right there.

  3. Johnny Bukkake Says:

    And did I mention the countertops are all black granite? For which to see better your rails of cocaine? Man, that’s dang old Hollywood diet right there, man.

  4. Johnny Bukkake Says:

    Currently I’m still open, so I’m buzzin’ the thread up a c**t hair.

    • B Says:

      Dang. Wish I wasn’t busy this weekend. And I wish I had a band ready. But even if I didn’t I would take advantage of the dealio. Pretty Cool Dan.

      • Johnny Bukkake Says:

        Hit me ANY time at We are booking acts for the rest of the year, so get in on it!! Everyone that has come to see the place is just sh*tting themselves…..especially after they hear what we can do and what we are charging…..JUST $35 an hour. I’ve seen places in H-Wood with way less vibe/ability go for at least $60…..If anyone is interested in the LEAST, just contact me and I’ll give you a free tour.

  5. Demo, anyone? FourFour demo deal at MayApple Studio renewed in perpetuity « Says:

    […] anyone? FourFour demo deal at MayApple Studio renewed in perpetuity By thederosh Last month we told you about MayApple Studio, the house-turned-uber-cool-recording-space on East Cherry Street. (You can peep some photos of the space by clicking here.) The studio is run by Daniel Maple of The […]

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