Don’t listen to the soundtrack. BE the soundtrack!


film reel 2The Springfield Little Film Festival is about to return for its second edition–screenings are July 9 and 10, to be exact–and this year the local short-film festival is adding an extra wrinkle. No, we don’t mean screenings at Moxie Cinema and Springfield Little Theatre, although that is happening, yes. The festival is working in a sweet opportunity for bands to get on the historic Landers Theatre stage and be a motion picture’s backing band. Read the details after the break.

This year the festival is debuting the Hardly Silent film competition, in which filmmakers submit special films to which a musician or band provides onstage live-music accompaniment while the movie plays onscreen. The films must meet the following criteria, according to the festival website:

  • Films must be 5 minutes or under.
  • Must tell a story with a beginning, middle and end.
  • Live sound means live sound. The filmmaker must provide either musicians, singers or live sound effects to accompany the film as it is screened during the festival.
  • Musicians are responsible for bringing their own instruments. For questions concerning instruments, the venue, the sound system, etc., please e-mail our Hardly Silent Coordinator at

Entries are due by June 30 (early entries due by June 15), and submission forms are available at Early entries carry a $10 fee, regular submissions a $15 fee. 

We just have one question: If a band wants to get involved but doesn’t know a participating filmmaker, how can they get matched up with one?


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One Response to “Don’t listen to the soundtrack. BE the soundtrack!”

  1. Johnny Bukkake Says:

    Yeah, that’s my question….

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