I want my… local music videos?!

That ain't workin'... that's the way you do it... money for nothin' and your chicks for free.

That ain't workin'... that's the way you do it... money for nothin' and your chicks for free.

There was a time, when Music Television (aka MTV) launched, when the cable network gave us moving-picture eye candy such as this, this and this. Now all it can give us is Carson Daly and Lauren Conrad… diminishing returns, to say the least. As is often the case, when the big-hat corporate types fall astray the good stuff comes from their determined local and regional counterparts. The same is about to be true for music videos. Get ready for a fun contest and potentially more. Read on after the break.

A group called Untapped Productions is putting together a competition to create music videos with local artists’ songs at the center of it all. As they explained in a message to us:
“The ‘Rock On Music Video Competition’ is an event designed to bring both musicians and filmmakers together in creative collaboration to produce unique and marketable music videos. In the world of “Short Film” it is difficult to find the right market for your project. A music video allows for an expanded audience and a real home for short form film. In a music video artists have unlimited boundaries of imagination and experimentation. It is this, combined with a love of music, which draws people to music videos. Music videos allow an audience to gain a little insight into a song while being entertained at the same time. It is the goal of this competition to help local filmmakers and musicians increase their visibility in a world market and provide a creative outlet for the tremendous amount of talent that exists right in our own ‘backyard.’

On July 11th 2009 at 6:00 PM filmmakers will meet at Phelps Grove Park in Springfield MO to register for eligibility in the ‘Rock On Music Video Competition.’ At that time each team will be given a brief list of rules and guidelines for what their music video must contain. Each team can either bring their own song for which they have procured the rights for or the will be issued a song from our artist pool. At approximately 7:30 PM the competition will begin and filmmakers will be released to begin creating their respective music videos. The teams will be given 7 days in which to do this. The following Saturday night all videos will be turned in at an undisclosed location. 2 screenings of ALL the Music Videos turned in will take place at The Moxie Cinema located in downtown Springfield MO. During the screenings all eligible teams will be given a detailed ballot to rate each video. Each team gets one ballot and will not be permitted to judge their own video. In addition each audience member at the Moxie Cinema screenings will be given a separate ballot to determine an audience favorite. Videos will be judged on a variety of categories from cinematography to special effects. Shortly after the screenings an awards ceremony will be held in which all the nominees and award winners will be presented with a variety of awards unique to the category they have won. In the end a Special Edition DVD of All the music videos will be given to each team and be available for purchase at the event, online, and at local businesses.”

If you want to know more or would like to sign up, the organizers can be contacted at RockOnVideo@yahoo.com. We eagerly await local music’s epic video morsels.


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