The Show Report, 6/12: Okay, we’ve got two questions…


Patton Alley Pub’s schedule for tonight left us with a couple of things we wanted to know:

1. What is a Stringduster?

2. Why, exactly, is it infamous?

We searched for answers for both (no, seriously, wtf is a stringduster) and found answers to none. We need no answers for who The Infamous Stringdusters are, though; the bluegrass hotshots have been collecting awards since their debut. Now Patton, in cooperation with High Strung Music, brings the group to Springfield for a show with opening act Cornmeal. Come with $10 in hand and a strong desire to dance. Elsewhere in the scene tonight:

* Sounds on the Square is back for Week Two on Park Central Square, with Black Box Revue (5 p.m.), The Cadence (7:30 p.m.) and Eddie Gumucio & The Electrics (8 p.m.). All of the performances are FREE and all-ages.

* Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin, Sweetwater Abilene and Southern Hills come together for a show at The Outland Ballroom. Two very popular acts (SSLYBY, Sweetwater) along with a very talented band to keep an eye on (Southern Hills).

* Mark Chapman Band at The High Life Live Martini Lounge. Yes, that’s TWO consecutive weeks of drankin’ (cuz drinking just ain’t gonna cut it) music at the High Life. Line them shots up, Scotty.

* Black Box Revue at The Outland. Catch them twice in one night!

* Reset and The Spacetones at Nathan P. Murphy’s. After last night’s reunion mania at the High Life, Reset plays one more show before disappearing again.

* GLO Fundraiser show at Lindberg’s

* Fundraiser show at The Front Porch, with a drum circle hosted by Samson Jey

* Trash Angels at W.F. Cody’s South

* Open Fire at Dennis’ Place

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