In the (Cyber-) Flesh: Skeletons and Morells have their own fan blog


There was a time, long before The Studio on South Avenue came to be, that Lou Whitney was mainly known as a bass player, and a damn good one at that. A few lines earlier in Whitney’s resume you’ll find mentions of The Skeletons (Whitney, Nick Sibley, Donnie Thompson and Bobbie Lloyd Hicks) and The Morells (Whitney, Thompson, Dudley Brown and Ron Gremp), his best-known bands from the late ’70s and early ’80s. Though there were (very) occasional reunion shows at one time, much of the knowledge present-day musicgoers have of the groups is stories from the members and what’s committed to record, most notably The Morells’ Shake and Push and The Skeletons’ In the Flesh.

For those wanting more, or for those hoping to relive a time period they got to be there for, Lin in Wisconsin has come to the rescue.

Lin started a Skeletons and Morells fan site on Blogspot, unleashing a treasure trove of videos, CD-purchasing opportunities and more. There’s even a chance to pick up a live record from The Symptoms, the band from which both originated. The site is a wealth of long-lost information and moments in time, not to mention a great source of trivia. For example, raise your hand if you knew Whitney did a commercial for Jack Daniel’s Hard Cola. This hand is not raised.

BIG thanks to MoRawk regular Tyler for uncovering this and passing it along.


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One Response to “In the (Cyber-) Flesh: Skeletons and Morells have their own fan blog”

  1. john Says:

    why isn’t joe terry listed amongst the skeletons?

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