The FourFour Show, Season 1 Recap


Until we launched The FourFour Show a little more than three months ago, The Local Musicverse knew Kurtzender as the man behind rants such as this and this. The fit seemed natural; who better to host our local music spotlight/personality showcase/cattleprod than the Schlitz-slamming, chain-smoking a**hole behind some of our most popular opinion posts? KZ and his video crew relished the challenge, Springfield’s musicians graciously came on and showed the city another side of themselves, and chaos–and, at times, great pseudo-television–ensued. Below you’ll find the sneak-preview post that started it all; after the jump is every episode of Season 1. It’s like a DVD box set for The Internets. Turn your brain to uber-mush after the break. (Warning: Some vids not safe for work.)

It all got started with the immortal J.R. Top of Sweetwater Abilene:

Followed by a guest appearance by Daniel Maple (aka Saint Never), which started the tradition of unforgettable quotable lines on the show:

Then a sit-down chat with local legend Lou Whitney inside The Studio:

The Filthy ThirdsTrent Wilson, who started the now-de-rigeur sunglass wearing. (His have still never been topped.) Special guest mayhem by Diablo Maximus of The BoogeyMen; who knew these two were rivals?!

Episode 5 of The FourFour Show brought us the unforgettable drunken profundity of The CropdustersJeb Venable and The Bootheel‘s Todd Balisle, with a special guest appearance by Trent Wilson:

Episode 6 went into the inner sanctum of hip hop group The Highest Priest, who know nothing of priesthood but a few things about being high:

Episode 7 was an art-house take on an interview with Lucia of Black Box Revue and We Are Like the Spider, filmed inside local industrial-district venue The Warehouse. Dude, did we just become a David Lynch movie?

Philip Dickey of Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin answers the question on everyone’s mind: Would you rather lose an arm and play drums, or lose your pinkies and play guitar? You know, among other questions.

We had to include this unforgettable morsel:

Which was a preview for this, Episode 9 with Pilot Whale… in its natural environment:

Episode 10 went inside the mind of the rock-band lead singer, courtesy of Ran Cummings of The Dirty Blondes. It also served as an announcement of the band’s breakup:

Episode 11 was a chill hangout with Shawn Eckels and Marcus Chatman from Speakeasy:

Episode 12 introduced the music of Matthew Darkly to the world:

and Episode 13 looked back at a season of learning and accomplishment, all while hanging with Simon Nytes of Z 106.7 FM and Chris and Scott from during Rock Talk Sunday night:

In all, Season 1 was a blast, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the time and open-mindedness of local musicians and fans. Kurtzender and his merry antics will be back soon with Season Two… just as soon as he can get some more rolling tobacco and stock up on Schlitz. It’s hard out there for a talk-show host. Wanna be a guest? Email us at Thanks for watching!


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One Response to “The FourFour Show, Season 1 Recap”

  1. The Highest Priest Says:

    “…know nothing of priesthood but a few things about being high…”
    Join us for a sermon as we spread the gospel of mary jane…laugh out loud

    Keep up the good work guys…

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