The art of blues: Underground Blues Division combines CD release party with art show

"Cold Heaven," by Kimmy Bess

"Cold Heaven," by Kimmy Bess

We can’t resist a band trying something a little different with its live show, and local blues group Underground Blues Division has found one of the most intriguing approaches we’ve heard of in a while. The band has a new album, Lessons Not Learned, ready for release July 10 at Nathan P. Murphy’s, which naturally necessitates a CD release show. What to do for the occasion? Hmmm… the album has cover art… what about getting the cover artists involved? Indeed, the band has orchestrated the night to start as an art exhibit of the works of Kimmy Bess, whose painting “Cold Heaven” is the album’s cover. (Click here to see more examples of her work.) A look at the gallery linked above will show that her collection actually follows a strong musical theme, so it seems as though her work would be an ideal compliment to a music show. The exhibit begins at 7 p.m., and those who arrive between 7 and 7:30 can skip the $5 cover charge for the show. At 9 p.m. Murphy’s converts back into a music club, with an as-yet-unannounced opening act taking the stage then, followed by Underground Blues Division at 10:30.


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