The Show Report, June 5: Who needs an imagination?

Our hands are gonna look like this tonight.

Our hands are gonna look like this tonight.

Tonight has been circled on the ol’ imaginary calendar at the ol’ imaginary FourFour HQ for some time now. That’s a lot of imagining, DeRosh. Might even classify as delusional. Got no time for haters tonight, sorry. There are simply too many really cool shows coming through our fair city; four nationally touring acts, for starters, an absurd spoil of riches for a Springfield in plain summer. Consider: Black Box Revue brings SSION back to The Outland tonight, a show that brought the house down back in December and which is anticipated to flirt heavily with the room’s fire-code capacity. (In other words, get there early if you’re going.) Upstairs at The Outland Ballroom is Forever Endeavor Productions‘ latest mega-show, hard-rock powerhouse Chiodos with Take It Back and The Closure.

A mile and a half north of there–measured by nothing less than the odometer on co-owner Eric Weiler‘s truck–John Paul Keith brings his excellent guitar touch and retro-rock and country-tinged music to Lindberg’s with openers The BoogeyMen, arguably the ideal local opener for this performance. Finally, a couple blocks west (and one block north) of the SSION and Chiodos shows is Moanin’ Michelle Malone at Nathan P. Murphy’s, bringing tough-yet-sultry folk rock to the stage in the latest installment of the Hot Rock & Blues summer concert series. Remember: You can get two tickets for the price of one at this show, but you have to mention that you read it here.

So that gets Friday started off right, eh? Want more? We’ll leave nothing to the imagination after the break.

* Sounds On the Square kicks off tonight with musical performances by Brother Wiley at 6 p.m., The Lowdown Fancy at 7:30 and The Honkytonk Renovators at 8:30–all FREE.

* The Spites, The Reacharounds, Brutally Frank and Iron Guts Kelly at Remmingtons Downtown 

* Kyle Lacy and Cloud City at The Front Porch

* Bender at Dennis’ Place, debuting two more originals at the show to bring its total to three. Is one of the city’s best cover bands transitioning into a new realm? The signs point to yes.

* Rags to Rich’s at Patton Alley Pub with Matthew Darkly opening at 9:30pm.

* Ryan Bailes Band at The High Life Live Martini Lounge. Red Dirt country makes a rare appearance at The High Life. Keep the beer cold!

* Dance Party under the Magic Bean. All ages from 10pm–4am. Wear your pajamas and get in for only $2! Otherwise its $4 as usual.


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3 Responses to “The Show Report, June 5: Who needs an imagination?”

  1. moodringrecords Says:

    Matthew Darkly is opening for Rag’s 2 Rich’s at Patton Alley Pub TONIGHT at 9:30pm.

  2. thederosh Says:

    Ah-HA! I KNEW there was a Matthew Darkly show somewhere I was forgetting about; now I know where. Then Lindberg’s tomorrow night, yes?

  3. Eric Schuchmann Says:

    that’s correct! Tonight @ Patton Alley Pub, Tomorrow @ lindberg’s with Pilot Whale and First Teenager Ever.

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