Springfield Hot Topic to begin booking acoustic shows


Hot-Topic-Logo_v2This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a store in the Battlefield Mall booking local artists to play their room, but it makes a little more sense to put on a show at Hot Topic than elsewhere. After all, the chain of stores has a lot of merchandise that caters to music fans, many of them teenagers who can no longer go to shows in The Bar Ban Era. Find out how to help music invade the mall again after the break.

Seth Kean, owner and operator of SK! Promotions, is once again the man behind the bookings. As Kean explains in his bulletin:

“I have talked to management at Hot Topic and will be assisting them in booking in store events at the Hot Topic in the Battlefield Mall here in Springfield,​MO.​ The events are usually on Thursday/​Friday nights and they possibly would like to start doing them every week depending on interest. The shows are usually acoustic but you can have some equipment but space is limited due to store size. If you have merch you can sell it at the event and you are able to keep all of the profit. They promote the shows extremely well and I do a very good job myself. These are non paying gigs but it is extremely good exposure for your band which is worth a lot. Also if you have shirts we can possibly get them up and in the front window to assist in promoting. I was able to get shirts up for Romance on a Rocketship two days before their in store event which drew about 50 people.”

Anyone interested is encouraged to contact Kean at skprobook@gmail.com. Hopefully everything comes together well and nobody pulls any funny stuff.


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