Official: Never Shout Never signs with Warner Brothers Records… sort of

Never Shout Never

Photo by Snakebit Photography

Speculation cropped up in recent weeks that Joplin singer-songwriter Never Shout Never, aka Christofer Drew, had signed to a major record label. Drew remained tight-lipped for more than two weeks while talk circulated, but it appears the artist has finally broken his silence on the subject. His answer is “yes,” albeit not in the same way one might think. Follow the jump and find out what’s really going on.

Drew published a blog on his MySpace (yes, it’s actually his), answering an assortment of fan questions, including the big question we suspect he’s been bombarded with lately:

“Did you sign?

“Warner Brothers is my new partner, and they are helping me with my own label called ‘Loveway Records.’  That way I can release all of my music through my own label.  It’s actually pretty nifty.  Also, I can sign bands that I really believe in!  That is very exciting for me.  This is very fresh news.  Woohoo :)”

It seems unusually philanthropic for a major label to help a budding artist publish material through his own label, but perhaps it’s a sign of the shifting paradigm in the big-ticket music world. Congratulations to Never Shout Never, and here’s looking forward to hearing music from Loveway Records soon.


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    […] considerable local buzz in recent months. Nationwide touring, album recording and, most recently, a record/label deal with Warner Brothers has kept Drew, all of 19, on the tips of many tongues. Now, apparently, he has landed on that of […]

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