Time for your history lesson: The Short Histories of Powerful Nations CD release @ The Warehouse 6/19


the-short-histories-of-powerful-nations-the-underground-42509-by-thefourfourcom-springfields-music-blogThank God this show is a little more than two weeks away. We need psych-up time. Lately The Short Histories of Powerful Nations have been putting on some of the most intense concerts we’ve seen in Springfield in quite some time, mixing heavy, fast music with wild, flailing performance art. In short, it’s like watching hardcore on speed and having every band member do his best Jim-Morrison-if-Morrison-played-an-instrument impersonation… with an occasional horn interlude. It’s fantastically chaotic stuff; it also hasn’t been committed to record–until now. The band finally has its EP, A Brief Treatise on Land Ownership Vol. 1, ready for public consumption, and a killer CD release concert ready to roll June 19 to celebrate. We’ll tell you more about it after the break.

The Warehouse on Wall Street is the designated place for the show, with a lineup of SHOPN; the talented and, at times, reclusive Falcon Punch; thrash-band-as-workout experiment Jazzercise and Colorado’s runfasterscared, which we’re told was one of the early show partners for SHOPN when the local group got started. There may be more coming, but already the lineup is an intriguing list of complementary performers and names and faces from SHOPN’s past. Come expecting anything and anticipating everything.


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