Rock Talk (5/31/09): Matt Browning (formerly of Brand of Freak), Kathryn for Sounds on the Square & Storyline



We rarely know what we’re in for when we settle in for Z 106.7’s Rock Talk, but this past Sunday’s episode was probably the most unpredictable we’ve had since the slightly infamous anniversary episode. Not only did we have our guests on in the reverse of the order intended, we had one guest (Matt Browning, Brand Of Freak‘s former drummer) whom we cannot explain how he’s even alive, another unplanned guest who floored us, a completely seat-of-the-pants Four from The FourFour (thank God DeRosh’s car is a rolling jukebox full of CDs), the Urban District Alliance’s Kathryn Vicat-Dlabach explaining why she’s a hit in dive bars, never-before-heard songs from Storyline and more. We’re not quite sure how it all happened, but it did. Relive it after the break.

Rock Talk May 31 Part 1

Rock Talk May 31 Part 2

Rock Talk May 31 Part 3

Rock Talk May 31 Part 4

Rock Talk May 31 Part 5

Rock Talk May 31 Part 6

Rock Talk is the all things local radio program that airs on Z 106.7 Sunday nights from 10-11pm. Rock Talk is hosted by Simon Nytes and co-hosted by Chris and Scott from If you would like to get your band on Rock Talk, contact us at for booking. For back episodes of Rock Talk featuring tons of bands and live performances, just click the “Rock Talk” tag. Thanks for listening.

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