The Show Report, 5/29: That’s a joke, right?


Korn_ShrineSo, DeRosh, what’s going on in Springfield tonight?

Oh, you know, it’s a lazy Friday evening; there’s likely a lively game of parcheesi going on somewhere… are you kidding?! Tonight’s Korn night! It’s been years since Springfield has had a show of this magnitude roll through, and tonight is finally green-light-go time. Opening the show are fellow touring act Aranda and local battle-of-the-bands winner Troy, all of which combines to mean a packed-to-the-rafters Shrine Mosque and a very, very busy Shriner bar downstairs.

We’re just getting started on your Friday, though. Lots more to see and do after the break.

* Spookie Daly Pride and Speakeasy at Remmingtons Downtown. We learned on Rock Talk last Sunday that SDP is flying in from Boston to play this show, then packing up and flying back. We’re not a stop on tour, but rather a destination to play. How incredible is that?!

* The Spacetones at Nathan P. Murphy’s. We got to see part of the group’s set at The High Life Live Martini Lounge last night, and they’re more dynamic and lively than ever. Chuckmo tag-teaming with lyricist Tommy P on vocals had the crowd up and moving. Watch for more of the same and the newly revised Murphy’s tonight.

* Black Box Revue at The Outland. It’s a quiet week ahead of the SSION show next week, which means the DJs without musical guest. Wait… how is that a quiet week, really?

* EgoMagnet at Lindberg’s

* Trash Angels at Whiskey Holler

* The Hillbenders and Brother Greene at Patton Alley Pub


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One Response to “The Show Report, 5/29: That’s a joke, right?”

  1. Matt Ritter Says:

    Korn is the SHIT!!!!

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