John Paul Keith coming to Lindberg’s June 5


Frank Sinatra wasn’t a rock ‘n’ roll guy, but if he’d ever met John Paul Keith he might have found a kindred spirit. After all, they both did it their way; Sinatra with Rat Pack flair, Keith with tenacity and stubbornness to stay true to his musical heart when others pushed him to change for the sake of popularity. Sinatra became a legend doing it his way, both in life and in song; Keith lost two bands and a major-label debut album before coming to Memphis and assembling his backing band, The One Four Fives. With this group of musicians Keith has ridden his guitar-playing skills to prominence in the Memphis music scene, and he brings those skills to Springfield for a concert at Lindberg’s on June 5. 

This, along with the Jack Oblivion show at The Outland Ballroom last October, gives the impression that we are beginning to get more Memphis artists on tour coming through Springfield. As long as they’re shows like this, here’s hoping that continues.


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One Response to “John Paul Keith coming to Lindberg’s June 5”

  1. Trent Wilson Says:

    The BoogeyMen are opening this gig.

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