Iron Band? The Scribbles sign up for Song Fu

That's an excellent use of paprika, Morimoto-san, but how are you with guitar solos?

That's an excellent use of paprika, Morimoto-san, but how are you with guitar solos?

When we got the email from Patrick Misterovich telling us about Masters of Song Fu, we let out a collective “huh?” We’re familiar with the variations of Fu–Kung Fu, even Shaq Fu–but Song Fu left us with all kinds of mixed signals and visions. Jet Li even made an appearance in one, and we’re pretty sure he does not play a ukelele. Luckily, Mr. Misterovich’s email laid some of the groundwork out for us, and a little further digging revealed a really interesting songwriting competition–which just happens to have a Springfield band involved. We’ll tell you more after the break.

See, Patrick Misterovich is the father of Joe Misterovich, one member of local grade-school indie group The Scribbles. The trio is on a roll of late, opening for Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin and performing at ArtsFest as well as at Sounds on the Square later this summer. In addition, the band signed up for Masters of Song Fu, a songwriting challenge akin to Iron Chef for songwriters. The team at Quick Stop Entertainment devised a competition with three rounds where they present songwriters with a common theme or idea from which to write a song. All participating writers have one week, after which the finished songs are posted on the QSE website for voting. The cumulative votes after three weeks decide the winner.

For the first week, the QSE team decided participants must write a song from the perspective of an inanimate object. According to The Scribbles’ MySpace blog, they chose to write theirs from the perspective of the sleeved blanket known as The Snuggie. The polls opened Monday and continue through Sunday at midnight. Click here to go to the Masters of Song Fu page and hear all the first-round songs, and vote!


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