Bloody Battle of the Bands coming to Remington’s August 6


What’s going on, DeRosh? They’re allowing bloodsports at Remington’s now?! I thought that was owned by a church! What next? Is Jean-Claude Van Damme flying in for it?!

No, but what a great emcee idea… anyway, no, they’re not bringing kickboxing to Remington’s Southside, but rather an innovative approach for a local battle of the bands in the name of a good cause. We’ve got details after the break.

 The Bloody Battle of the Bands combines two events into one: a battle of the bands (of course) and a blood drive. The goal, according to CBCO representative (and host of The Skinny Improv’s “The Mystery Hour”) Jeff Houghton, is to have high school bands from around Springfield compete in the battle, with people in attendance casting ballots to declare the winner. To get a ballot to cast, you must donate a pint of blood or pay the cover charge. Either way, all proceeds go to the CBCO.

The event is intriguing for several reasons. First, it bucks the trend of fewer concerts in Springfield during the summer. It’s also unusual in that it appeals to high school students, a fervent group of band supporters too often left behind in The Bar Ban Era. Finally, of course, there’s the premise itself, which Houghton tells us was an enormous success elsewhere, getting 300 pints of blood or more for community blood centers.  Though there are still numerous details to iron out, this already sounds off to a promising start. We’ll forward more details as they surface.


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2 Responses to “Bloody Battle of the Bands coming to Remington’s August 6”

  1. Jared Holstein Says:

    What if all the band members donated a pint of blood right before their set, and the fans based their vote on the band that coped the best?

    Haha, I’m a dork. In all seriousness though, good idea for a good show.

  2. More info on Bloody Battle of the Bands 8/6 « Says:

    […] bands in Springfield and surrounding areas to participate in a most unusual event. You may recall a previous post where we told you about the upcoming Bloody Battle of the Bands at Remmingtons Southside, in which the Community Blood Center of the Ozarks has high-school bands […]

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