The Filthy Thirds’ Stone Dead, now on Moodring Records


TFT-stone-deadLater this week, local British-wave-inspired metal act The Filthy Thirds will celebrate its last hurrah with one last performance at Lindberg’s on Commercial Street. As one more “thank you” to fans–or as a primer for the uninitiated, depending on how you look at it–the band’s album Stone Dead is now available for FREE download in its entirety on Moodring Records’ website, which you can reach by clicking on the link. Of course, for those feeling a little lazier the album (or just individual songs)–can be streamed from the site as well. Since we have doubts that the album will ever see another pressing, though, we suggest downloading. After that, you have just four days of thrash practice before the real thing May 30. Be ready.


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One Response to “The Filthy Thirds’ Stone Dead, now on Moodring Records”

  1. Trent Wilson Says:

    We will be giving away free hard copies to everyone who pays to get in on Saturday. In addition, we will have limited numbers of burned copies of erverything else we have ever recorded which includes, our first e.p. “Seriously….on the Sly”, the unreleased full length “Tales of Sex and Death”, and the unreleased “Live or Dead? You Decide” live record. In other words, be at the show ’cause this is the last, and I MEAN THE LAST, opportunity to see any of this stuff. We’ll see yuns on Saturday.

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