The Show Report, 5/23: Ditch the grill and cooler


Yeah, yeah, it’s Memorial Day weekend, blah diddy blah blah, cookin’ out, blah blah, drinkin’ beers, blah blah. Oh, certainly, we get it, but here’s the thing: As we write this it’s pouring rain, so there’s no grilling out until at least tomorrow. Grilling in can wait, too, as long as there are these alternatives:

* HeartPunch and The Honkytonk Renovators at Lindberg’s. It’s the second-ever show for HeartPunch, the supergroup with members of The Domino Kings, The Skeletons, Fuller’s Earth and Barefoot Revolution, and tonight’s show brings a neat extra wrinkle: super-limited-edition T-shirts. Look for them during the show. Of course, The Honkytonk Renovators are fast becoming one of the most in-the-know good shows in the city–we’re told their Monday-night Pappy’s shows require arriving more than an hour early to get a table–so arriving early to this one is a must. 

* House Show! FREE! 820 E. Missouri with New Madrid, Nora and Gnoll, Spoke Pants of the Flowering Skillet and We Named the Dog Indiana!

* John Henry & The Engine, Truett & The Traitors and Wes Wingate & Hillary Scott at The Outland

* Offset, Extreme Hate Frequency, I Don’t Wanna Die In Texas and Break the Barrier at The Outland Ballroom. Two particular points of interest with this show: It’s Offset’s first concert in more than six months, and Extreme Hate Frequency is recording a live album at this concert. 

* Jalopy at Patton Alley Pub

* Eddie’s Blues Train at Nathan P. Murphy’s

* Logic Control of Mister Deuce at The High Life Live Martini Lounge. Didn’t get enough with one night of dancing this weekend? Come here for more!


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3 Responses to “The Show Report, 5/23: Ditch the grill and cooler”

  1. stinkyedwards Says:

    Don’t you remember? There’s no one in Heart Punch who was a Barefoot member.
    Richie + Yankton=Fullers Earth. Steve=Domino Kings Lou=Skeletons
    Get your bass tuned Chris!

  2. thederosh Says:

    First I got myself turned around on Yankton, now Ritchie. Brilliant. You sure Lou wasn’t in Barefoot? 🙂

  3. Steve Graham Says:

    Thanks you for the kind words

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