I kan haz Cornerstone? Voting on New Band Showcase ends 5/29 (Locals involved!)


m_ff3499d79bfbd41b125e4202d1f2588dWith this year’s Cornerstone Music Festival in Illinois a little more than a month away–it begins June 29 and ends July 4–announcements and developments are in full swing. While we already know of one local band that will be playing the nation’s largest Christian-rock campfest, don’t think they’re the only ones trying to get there. Four more local rock bands are vying for a spot on the annual Cornerstone New Band Showcase, and your chance to get them on the stage ends a little more than a week from now. Find out who’s contending and how to vote after the break.

The polls at Cornerstonefestival.com close May 29, but until then you have A Sleepless Legacy, Beneath the Empire, Hope In the Unseen and Iseah contending among the 150 bands trying to get on the New Band Showcase. There will be 16 winners, with the Grand Prize winner getting to play Cornerstone’s Main Stage. Here’s where they stand as of this writing:

A Sleepless Legacy (15)

Beneath the Empire (71)

Iseah (74)

Hope in the Unseen (86)



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