Billy Mays, eat your heart out


To mark the occasion of The Bootheel, The Cropdusters and By Hook Or Crook playing together in Springfield and Joplin on back-to-back nights–an event the bands are calling “The Two-Day Three-Way”–the members of The Cropdusters and The Bootheel wanted to collaborate and make something special for sale at the Outland Ballroom (Springfield) and Blackthorn Pizza (Joplin) concerts only… why not barbecue sauce? It is Memorial Day weekend, after all. When it came to pitching the new product, of course, the job could fall on no other shoulders than Bootheel drummer Warren Sandwell. We’ll let the hilarious (and not safe for work) results speak for themselves:


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4 Responses to “Billy Mays, eat your heart out”

  1. Scott P. Says:

    that is awesome

  2. Trent Wilson Says:

    That is why Warren Sandwell will forever be on my pick list for on my side in a bar fight.

  3. Keaton Says:

    we became friends last time By Hook or Crook played cause we high fived and I knocked over a mic stand… a telling beginning to this friendship.

  4. stinkyedwards Says:

    Christian Bale’s got nothing on that rant.

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