Viva la coffeehouse show!

Okay, not EVERY concert at a coffee shop is awesome. It was all uphill after "Smelly Cat," though, wasn't it?

Okay, not EVERY coffee shop show is awesome. It was all uphill after "Smelly Cat," though, wasn't it?

Playing acoustically in a coffeehouse is a long-running tradition so entrenched in music culture it borders on cliche. But when you think about it, there aren’t actually that many occasions where such shows happen locally; for example, we can recall the Queen City Spotlight shows each Saturday at Borders Books’ coffee shop and occasional shows at Coffee Ethic downtown. Thanks to one local musician’s efforts, there is now another place to add to that small but proud list: Kaldi’s. We’ll explain after the break.

Local singer-songwriter Chris Aytes is himself a Kaldi’s employee, and with his suggestion and scheduling efforts the coffeehouse (located at 900 E. Battlefield, Suite #128, same shopping center as Buffalo Wild Wings and Quincy Magoo’s) now hosts acoustic concerts Saturday nights at 7 p.m. Shows are currently scheduled through the end of June as follows:

May 30 – Eddie Gumucio

June 6 – Barak Hill

June 13 – Tony Meknown

June 20 – My Politic

June 27 – Chris Aytes

You may have noticed something missing: a May 23 show. Aytes says he had a late cancellation and would like to fill the opening if possible. If you’re interested in playing an acoustic show in an intimate setting, whether for this Saturday or for a later date, you can reach Aytes at


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