Nathan P. Murphy’s revamps sound system and front entrance


They can rebuild it. They have the technology… and the know-how… and a hammer, nails, a saw, etc. Local blues and rock club Nathan P. Murphy’s has undergone considerable renovation in the last month, with an all-new Peavey sound system protruding from the stage replacing the older, larger unit there before. More changes were just completed on the other end of the room, as well. The club’s fascia looking out toward Campbell Avenue has been remodeled with a new doorway, windows and paint. Inside, behind and next to the sound board, the floor space has been rebuilt to allow for more tables and chairs. In the near future, the sound person’s booth will be completely redone, too. In all, look for better sound, more seating capacity and a generally more polished look and feel when all the changes are complete. Call it The Six Million Dollar Club… even if the improvements cost way less than that.


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One Response to “Nathan P. Murphy’s revamps sound system and front entrance”

  1. Stinky Edwards Says:

    Can’t wait to hear that!

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