Steve Newman to guest with Bottlefish Saturday


natepbottlefishmustacheHas local supergroup HeartPunch rubbed off a little on its members? With news that Domino Kings guitarist Steve Newman will sit in on fellow HeartPuncher Yankton Sothern‘s group Bottlefish during its set at Nathan P. Murphy’s Saturday night, it would be hard not to believe the answer is yes. The show includes Live Oak and fellow local roots-rock group Mustache (formerly known as Phoenix). The show starts at 9 p.m.

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2 Responses to “Steve Newman to guest with Bottlefish Saturday”

  1. Stinky Edwards Says:

    …rumor is too that local sports personality Don West will be sitting in with Mustache on bass for a couple of songs too. With me, Don & Dano, we’ve almost got a full tv crew!

  2. jct Says:

    Who wants a Mustache ride?

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