The Big News: Chiodos coming to The Outland Ballroom June 5


chiodos4The Forever Endeavor hype machine has been rolling all day, prepping us for the bomb they would drop at 5 p.m. sharp. Well, it’s past 5, and now we know: Chiodos is coming back to Springfield on the first Friday in June–an already crazy night, given that it’s First Friday Art Walk night and the planned debut of the downtown farmers’ market on Park Central Square–to pack The Outland Ballroom. Keep in mind, this show is followed less than a month later by the Drop Dead, Gorgeous/He Is Legend/Before Their Eyes/And Then There Were None show at the same location… not to mention Forever Endeavor has been prolific with its concert bookings this year, so there could easily be more on the way. Power nap in between… a lot.

We’ll bring you more details as soon as we get them.


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One Response to “The Big News: Chiodos coming to The Outland Ballroom June 5”

  1. Geri X Says:

    We are a band partly based out of Tampa Bay FL and partly out of Milwaukee WI.

    Some of our fans from Springfield poined us in your direction.
    We are heading out on tour at the end of may for about 2 months and have god alot of fan mail from Springfield.

    Could you point us in the direction of some good promoters that would throw us on a local bill?

    Here is our EPK and our myspace and thanks alot for your time!

    Geri X.

    Best Singer-songwriter of Tampa Bay 2006-2009
    Ultimate Band of Tampa Bay 2009
    #2 on Billboard Charts in Germany.
    Appearing this summer at the Steel Bridge Song Fest with Jackson Browne
    Also appearing on the main stage at Summerfest.

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