…And the local opening for Korn will be… [updated with final tally]


The Battle of the Bands on Saturday was a phenomenal success for the local rock and metal scene in the area. Around 600 people showed, paid and voted. The bands worked together and all put on great shows and even help each other out. For example when Brand of Freak’s drummer was injured in an accident at work, local drummer extraordinaire John Anderson stepped in (in addition to his gig earlier that night). Well, turns out he and his wife had a baby Saturday afternoon. He was going to cancel, but Six Shots Till Dawn offered to swap with them so B.O.F. could play last to allow John enough time to take care of biz with the fam before doing what he does best. Very cool stuff. Congrats on the baby boy Johnny!

Overall the turnout was great and the vibe was awesome. We don’t have the official tally numbers on hand but Troy was the winner and will be opening for Korn on May 29th at the Shrine Mosque. If you’re hitting up that show, get there early and support your local!

Click through for the final vote tally…

1. Troy at 255
2. Formant at 158
3. 6 shots till dawn at 148
4. E.H.F at 125
5. A.K.A at 101
6. Brand of Freak at 94
7. As of Now at 78

Note: Apparently a number of people were allowed to purchase more than one ballot at the door…hence why the total count is like 900. The actual attendance was 567.


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