The Show Report, 5/9: The main event


Today and tonight are a motherlode for music in this city. Even after all the packed rooms found at last night’s shows, expect a flood of fans pouring into clubs and venues all over Center City Springfield. There’s no need to even hype it, really, so we won’t. The shows speak for themselves:

* The Battle for Korn at Remmingtons Downtown. Seven bands enter for the chance to open for Korn at The Shrine Mosque on May 29. It’s a pretty choice prize, and all seven bands are ready to give you their all. Your $5 gets you a ballot, and your ballot helps decide which band gets tonight’s prize. If you’re not familiar with the contestants or what they sound like, last Sunday’s Rock Talk is here to help.

* C-Street Jam on Commercial Street, with acts on six stages throughout the day and night. Last night’s kickoff at Lindberg’s was only the beginning. Check out the full lineup here.

* William Elliott Whitmore, Frontier Ruckus and The Bootheel at The Outland. Two astounding touring roots acts paired with one of the local scene’s bands to watch. Forever Endeavor Productions may have hit another one out of the park with this show. Speaking of which…

* Black Box Revue hosts the SATO48 Awards afterparty at the Springfield Cardinals training facility next to Hammons Field. So they’ve already rocked The Outland Ballroom Tuesday night and The Outland last night; imagine how big a party they can throw at a venue this size.

* Matt Stell & The Crashers at The Outland Ballroom.

* Brian Adams & The Lunch Box All-Stars and Tiffany Christopher at Patton Alley Pub

* The Lowdown Fancy at Galloway Station

* Pellegrino’s School of Music rock-band recital at Nathan P. Murphy’s–early show, 8 p.m.

* The Results at The High Life Live Martini Lounge


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One Response to “The Show Report, 5/9: The main event”

  1. Suburban Superhero Says:

    I believe the Murphy’s show starts at 5:30…

    Come out and show some love for these kids! Hopefully they will be packing the venues in three years.

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