Dance, old man, dance!


On a weekend overflowing with great shows for the local music scene, shows with local and touring artists alike, it seems like a good time to spread a positive thought. I dropped in last night on the Handshakes Murders/Endwell/We Were Gentlemen/A Sleepless Legacy show at The Blue Room at Billiards of Springfield. The crowd was modest but engaged, but one person in the room stood out in my mind. An older gentleman, with silver hair and wearing a portable music player of some kind, emerged from one of the side booths, removed his earphones and started dancing like the kids around him. Keep in mind, this was a Christian hardcore show; the dancing amounts to a lot of windups, flailing arms and a form of “The Running Man” dance with extended backward kicks. They’re moves to sort-of accidentally clobber someone with. But the man, old enough to be a grandparent to almost anyone in the room, held his own with a series of karate moves right in front of the stage while A Sleepless Legacy performed. It was awkward, funny… and brilliant. I wish I’d had the show camera handy to record it. He didn’t have any reservations about getting out there; he was just feeling the music–his way. Frankly, I’d like to see more moments like it. There’s something about seeing someone or something unexpected at a show that gives it a different air. There’s a lot of music out there to be feeling this weekend, of almost any variety, and there will be a lot of people out feeling it. Young or old, get out there and connect with it. Even dance if you’re feeling it. Just try not to clobber anyone in the process; that shit hurts.


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2 Responses to “Dance, old man, dance!”

  1. Suburban Superhero Says:

    Clobber :-p


  2. thederosh Says:

    Clobber Lang!

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